Orlando Stucco Siding

Today’s market is abounding with siding options in a vast array of styles and textures. Siding is any material that makes up the outermost layer of protection on the outside of your home. The most common siding types are vinyl, wood, stucco and fiber cement. Others include metal, brick and stone veneer. Consider durability, maintenance and cost when making decisions for your exterior home renovation project.

Stucco is a cement-based plaster that is traditionally applied over wire mesh, block or wooden slats. Very versatile, it can be tinted virtually any color and applied in layers over framed and solid walls, on concrete block or even over older stucco surfaces. Stucco is moderately priced, fire resistant and requires little maintenance. However, it can expand and contract with changing temperatures, so be certain to hire qualified professional applicators with years of stucco siding experience like the experts at Universal Roof & Contracting.

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