Commercial Siding

Jacksonville Siding Specialists

At Universal Contracting, we offer both siding and panel solutions that range from durable, value options to higher-end, architectural grade products featuring the refinement and sophistication necessary for highly artistic commissions. Using only the best quality materials, we rely on products from manufacturers highly regarded in the commercial building industry - such as James Hardie Commercial with decades of overseas experience, now serving U.S. commercial, multifamily and institutional customers.

Our siding products include utilization of the James Hardie ColorPlus® technology - a unified composition of advanced fiber-cement and baked-on pigment that combine the highest quality raw materials, proprietary manufacturing process and equipment, revolutionary paint technology and innovative color process. 

The end result is:

  • Durable, low-maintenance finish that lasts up to two times longer
  • 30% better fade resistance
  • Adheres up to 400% better than any other paint available

That, combined with a 15-year manufacturer warranty, you have the assurance you've selected the most durable, low-maintenance, highest-quality siding product possible.  Call us now for your free estimate at 904-647-3907.

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