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Universal Roof & Contracting Severe Weather Home Evaluation

Each year June 1st marks the beginning of the Atlantic hurricane season. While it has been several years since Northeast Florida experienced a bad hurricane, some form of severe weather is a certainty for us sometime between June and November. Every spring and throughout the season it is necessary to consider some important things you should do to prepare your family and your home for hurricane season.

Universal Roof & Contracting's experienced estimators are specially trained to detect and prevent storm damage to your home. Our Severe Weather Home Evaluation includes a full roof and perimeter inspection. During this inspection, our experts will scrutinize the roof and exterior of your home – the first lines of defense against the forces of severe weather. We will help you detect vulnerable areas that can leave your home unprotected against water intrusion, wood rot and mold infestation.

Your Roof:

It is common that an older roof may not be secure or may have loose or missing shingles. Even newer roofs may have sustained recent hidden damage that you're unaware of. These vulnerable areas will be more easily compromised by heavy wind gusts and rainfall typical during the summer.  A good roof can resist moderate to high winds. Now is the best time to have it inspected – before the storm hits. The repair of damage found early costs much less than a major roof repair or replacement and will prevent the need for expensive interior reconstruction.

Your Exterior:

A major source of household storm damage is wind-driven rain. This occurs when strong winds combine with heavy rainfall within a short period of time. We have visited many Florida homeowners with stucco, vinyl or wood siding exteriors who have experienced extensive damage that could have been avoided with proper installation, regular maintenance or preventative repairs. Old windows and doors, flawed gutter systems, and yard debris are some other exterior factors that can contribute to water intrusion and destruction to your home. Our team will perform a full perimeter evaluation offering valuable advice and recommendations to ensure your home's integrity.

No Cost:

The Universal Roof & Contracting Severe Weather Home Evaluation is performed at NO CHARGE with no hidden costs or obligations. For over two decades our family has partnered with Florida homeowners to tackle their home improvement needs quickly and efficiently with the utmost in personal service, professional workmanship and quality materials. As usual, all home repair estimates are free, and all advice is honest!

Be sure you are prepared for the next hurricane season! ]Contact us now to schedule your FREE Severe Weather Evaluation, and prepare your home for Florida's summer weather. Call 407-295-7403 or visit us on line at